Sunday, 13 April 2014

12th April, 2014. The Last Night.

What would you do on your last day in a city you absolutely love? Eliza and I were stumped. We wandered past Hero's Square and into the gardens where we sat by a fairy tale castle. The pollen of the dandelions flowed through the air like snow to fall into the lake surrounding the island. Ducks painted stripes of black on the water and a busker played classics on a hammered dulcimer.

We spent a good hour laying on the docks in the sun, Eliza sketching the palace while I wrote. There I decided that this wouldn't be my last day in this beautiful city and coming back to live in Budapest for a few months is something that needs to happen.

Our group of patchworked travellers met up in a ruin pub where we decided to spend our last florents on arcade games and beer. Hopping around from bar to bar, we made a few friends including two couch surfers, Ali from Egypt and Camila from Italy, a British-Hungarian traveller and a mix-from-everywhere pilot. With my handy pack of cards we played a heavily altered game of war and chatted as old friends.

Eliza and I didn't get to the hostel until three in the morning. By four Eliza, Kieran, Bekah and Dave grabbed their taxi to the airport. I am back to being a solo traveller.

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