Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8th April, 2014. Eastern Europe and Beyond.

Imagine for a moment there are no planes. There are no airports, no queues and security scans, no plastic tunnels lined with perfume shops. You can't ignore the land that flies between you and your destination by jumping on machine-made seats, but you have to step through the landscape day by day, take stops in strange places and be prepared to get swept away by them. The journey becomes the adventure.

I have moved out of my apartment, shed myself of all my belongings but the small rucksack that accompanied me to Morocco many months ago. Inside, the bare essentials. Tonight I will be flying to Budapest and from there I am beginning a two month adventure that will take me wherever the road turns. My only restriction: I need to be in London for the 27th of May. After that, everything is sea of mist.

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